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Piano For All By Robin Hall

What exactly is Pianoforall by Robin Hall?

Pianoforall by Robin Hall is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method. You start with popular rhythm style piano (think of artists like Lennon & McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel, Barry Mannilow, Lionel Ritchie, Coldplay, Norah Jones and so on) which means you get to sound like a pro right from the start.

You then expand step-by-step into Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, Improvisation and creating your own melodies. You will even learn how to read music AS you learn how to ‘play-by-ear’ and eventually you will be able to play some amazing Classical pieces.

What Is Covered Inside The Program?


Book 1 – Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Piano
Book 2 – Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll..
Book 3 – Chord Magic
Book 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy
Book 5 – Ballad Style
Book 6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy
Book 7 – Advanced Blues & Fake Stride
Book 8 – Taming the Classics
Book 9 – Speed Learning

Special OFFER and Benefits Of The Piano For All


    To top it all there are 200 Video lessons that take you through every step of the way. Each video lesson has in-depth verbal piano instruction as well! If you don’t understand the written instruction – listen to the sound file or play the video – with Pianoforall you can’t fail!
    Embedded directly in the ebooks are over 500 sound files that cut the learning time in half. You simply click on the sound icon beside each tune or exercise and you instantly hear an audio piano lesson! No need to open new files.
    Pianoforall can easily be installed on a PC, Mac, Ipad, iphone or any Android tablet or Smartphone – and you get full VIDEO and AUDIO interactivity right there on the page. Just Click & Play – Simple!

Try Pianoforall RISK FREE for 60 DAYS

60 Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee!


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